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So where did these pages come from? 

After running for many years in cruising and as the era of web pages began to make a breakthrough, I was already excited to search for pages about that event, but to my surprise, no one had bothered to twist pages about such a big event.

At the time, I still didn’t think I would make the pages myself but waited for someone else to get excited about the job. To my surprise then, a few years later, the pages did not appear in any direction. The idea of ​​making the pages I began to sprout in my mind, I had already made the pages anyway.

So then I got the first “most real” of the page, but due to the busy work, the pages were left unattended. New enthusiasm arose and the first “working” pages were set. The original pages worked and performed their duties gloriously for up to seven years.

However, the old “layout” started to be out of date, so I decided to build new frames for the pages. Lack of motivation and time slowed down the emergence of new pages slightly, but new pages got into production.

Creating a logo was perhaps one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks for new pages. A cruise picture originally replaced by a cruise picture, but that idea fell out because I didn’t want the logo to favor any particular cruise brand.

Various ring and rim designs were also gone through, but nothing seemed to fit the picture. Eventually, I wondered what would be a neutral image for a logo that doesn’t favor any particular group, until I saw a picture of a pin girl throwing dice in an old cruise.

I found a flaming dice image of my liking on the web that I ended up finding out about the creator so I could ask about the rights to use the image for this logo. After a long chase, I found a person, and he gladly agreed to give the right to use his picture for such a great thing 🙂

Cruising history

Cruises were never invented, it just happened! In Yankee, cruise enthusiasts decided to meet at the “Union” station on Pirkkolankatu every first Friday night of the summer month. In the beginning, the meetings took place mainly among insiders, which included only about a cruise.

No one could even imagine the dimensions of Cruises would swell in the future. Now almost everyone living in Helsinki knows that in the summer, on the first Friday of every month, there is an evening of Yankee cruise.

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of cruises was the local radio station Radio City (FM 96.2). In Radio City launched a radio program called “Cruising Show” (sponsored by V8 Magazine). In the beginning, it was just a radio show where DJs played background music for this event on the cruise deck. Later, the “Cruising Show” was the biggest actual radio show for Radio City and was also an important part of the Cruising evening. However, Radio City ended its long-running program.

Due to the increased publicity, the Cruises became a pretty big event. Public interest in American cruise grew more and more. Already in the early evening, people started to gather in the parking lot of the Helsinki Ice Rink. As the sun went down, there were so many people in the parking lot that they formed a “lane of glory” and cruise drove slowly along that sea. After ten, the sea lot was usually quite full and in the nearby land of the Ice Rink, queues of hundreds of meters.

Of course, there were many others who drove around Helsinki and those who had their own insider meetings somewhere on the evening of Helsinki Cruising. The “Ursula parking lot” in Kaivopuisto was also a trendy meeting place for cruising in the evening, and the last good place to meet was “Hamburger Heaven.

Cruising today

Today, a large sea still accumulates in the ice rink area, where the entrance fee is nothing. The function of the ice rink sea lot today is mainly “Burn Out”. The ice rink has thus developed a crunchy form of cruising, especially popular with young people, where the rubber burns, the V8 rumbles, and the beer tastes like festivals.

The cruising crew could be said to be a little divided in two, for those who can’t stand ruthless “tearing up” and for those for whom cruise show-style cruising is too lax an activity.

Thus, a quieter way to go can be found in the market square, where e.g. Mustangs, Cadillacs, and Mopeds. In South Harbor in front of the terminal e.g. Corvette, a tour in the sea is also an integral part of the Cruising way. There are still a great many insider meetings, the locations of which often vary.

What is from Cruising?

Helsinki Cruising evening has a lot to offer for all Yankee cruises admirers. What could be more atmospheric than cruising an old Yankee on a bright and warm summer night with many others who like the same things as you, meeting friends, listening to good old rock’n’roll, and sensing decent nostalgia? Cruising Night grows and intensifies!

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