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Sailing From Trogir on Bogerila Lead-brod


We meet in Trogir and board our sailboat. After purchasing food we go through some basics and customs of coexistence on board. We set sail at sunset towards Solta where we will hit the anchor, the chilling sailing.

After a morning coffee and breakfast at anchor, and a swim at the nearby shoals, we raise the anchor and sails and sail to the town of Vis, one of the most remote inhabited Croatian islands … a very lively place in summer. The bays that surround the island hide caves and coves with extremely clear sea, a spectacle for ‘snorkeling’.

We go to Scedro, a lonely island with a fishing hut in one sleeve, the right place to relax, away from everyday life, and a great place to take a break on the way to Korcula. It would be okay to have a fish dinner and hang out with the rest of the fleet team.

Hunting ground – turquoise bay before the entrance to the Korcula channel for lunch and swimming, and then under sail through the Korcula channel through the hordes of surfers who play in this channel known for its strong wind.

We arrive in Korcula, tie up on the waterfront, and get lost in the night of the old living town. Early start from Korcula and swimming on the island of Badija where fallow deer roam freely in the woods around the old monastery – a movement towards Hvar Crowd, chaos, law.

We go around Cape Peregrin (western point of Hvar) and sail around Cape Smoćiguzica (yes 🙂 to Bol, another pearl at the foot of Vidova Gora, the highest peak among all Adriatic islands, another kite / wind-surfing site with the famous Golden War. We land on a pier in the center of town with a view of the sunset over Hvar.

For those who like to stretch their hooves, a trip to the Black Desert, an experience worth sweating it’s a half-hour walk to a monastery built by some persistent hermits long ago and carved into the rocks, and in addition to the library and observatory, the boys continue to produce their wine in the traditional way (Bring a hat for the sun, tanks, and water with Some equipment.

We continue through the Split Gate and visit Milna and refuel Diesel. In the evening we are in the bay Necujam on the island of Solta where there is a great restaurant that rises like a stage with terraces above our anchorage, a great place to look back on everything we went through this week and celebrate the end of a unique journey.

Early in the morning, move towards our base, towards the ‘real’ showers on solid ground, but from that moment on you will be clearer with the famous saying: ‘You must sail’

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