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The Best Conquering the Fear of Travel


Some people actually have a fear of travel.   I don’t mean fear of flying but fear of travel, to faraway countries, or to the next state.

Some of you will not understand and some will understand fully but there are people in the world who never ventured very far from home.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to but it may just be that they never had the chance and lack practice.

For example, one of my friends received an offer from Air Canada for two tickets anywhere in the world.  She chose to stay in Canada and go to Montreal!  She was just not very comfortable going to a place that may have been too different from home.

I can relate to a degree, on my first trip overseas, I brought my daughter to Rome (her choice for her graduation birthday).  On my first night, I was a nervous wreck!  I got to experience the 100 euro taxi ride, my hotel, chosen by an agent who didn’t know the city, was at the very last stop on the subway train, on the very edge of the city, in an industrial zone.  I found the people rude and uncaring (you just have to know the Italians, I love them now).  I was fully ready to stay in my room for the next two weeks!

But, that was a bit impractical, in the next few days, I found a really nice, cheap place to stay, right around Termini Station, the center of Rome, I got to find a train to Venice, found where I could get help, really good help for tourists, and I had a ball.

So, what’s the secret to overcoming your fear of travel?

How about you start close to home?  How many beautiful places near you, are you waiting to go to “because it’ll always be there”?  How about going somewhere, soon, where you’ve never, ever been, even if it’s only 20 miles from home?  Come on; work up that spirit of adventure!

Second, maybe you could do your first big trip with someone, or with a couple who’s already done it, double the fun.

Finally, you can avoid a lot of problems with proper, diligent preparation.  Read surf talk to people, use all the tools at your disposal to prepare for your trip.  (I’ll write about all this for you later, I use some great stuff).

Eventually, I can assure you that you get used to traveling to the point where you can land anywhere and really enjoy the place.  So go ahead and start planning that next adventure.

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