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The Best Tips From the Sailing Captain


Line the bottom of your anchor locker with Dry-Tech or another brand of plastic decking in order to allow your rode to drain better. This will also make washing out your anchor locker much easier without removing the anchor and rode.

Cleaning Canvas & Sails

poly tarp (large enough to accommodate the sail/canvas)
deck brush with fairly soft bristles
regular Joy dish liquid or another mild sofa
garden hose

Get a poly tarp and spread it out on your lawn preferably on a slight slope. Mix soap in a bucket. Wet one surface of the fabric with the hose and gently scrub with the soapy mixture. Flip the fabric and wash the opposite side.

Rinse this side and flip again to rinse the other side. You can hang the fabric to dry from a second-story deck or it can be moved to a more steeply sloped area of your yard or of course you can hoist your sails. If you hang fabric, be cautious of the wind conditions. It may not take to flight wet, but one dry it could take off.

For canvas, you may want to treat it with a fabric protectant such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard.

Fender Lines and Hole Through the Middle Fenders

If you have ever had to retrieve a knot that has slipped inside a hole through the middle fender, we have a simple inexpensive solution. Use stainless steel fender washers slightly larger than you line diameter between the knot and the fender and you’ll never have to retrieve another knot.

Hanging Fenders

There are all sorts of fender handers available today that hang on the stanchions and lifelines. We don’t sell any of them. It’s best not to add extra weight to lifelines and stanchions. The movement of the boat against the fender and dock can put considerable strain on your stanchions.

We offer a very simple solution that removes easily, always keeps your fenders at the correct height, keeps the weight of the fender concentrated at the base of the stanchion, and costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Take a piece of the line longer than you think you will need to mount your fender and hang it from the base of the stanchion. Tie one end off on the fender if it has eyelets or runs it through the center if it is a hole through the middle design (fender lines for the hole through the middle fenders). With the free end make a loop and tie a knot in it. You should still have a tail coming off of the knotted loop. Tie a knot in this tail.

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