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The Rome on Foot Walking and What’s With Las Vegas Airfares Travel


If you read my previous entries on arriving in Rome while traveling, you’ll have found a good hotel with, around Termini Station where you can have a great base to visit the city.

Here’s a tour of Rome that I’ve done several times and hope to do again, consult a map or Google Earth for the exact path.

Starting from Termini Station, it’s an easy walk to the Coliseum, no matter how many times I do it, I’m still amazed at the sights, on every street corner, especially arriving at the Coliseum.  You can visit the Coliseum right away, or keep it for another day.

Next to the Coliseum stand the ruins of the Forum of Rome, a series of temples, and meeting places of antiquity.  The ruins are still immensely impressive.

On your left, will be the Palatine Hills, where Nero and other emperors had their palace, a bit further is the famous Circus Maximus, where the famous horse races were held.  A tip here is that if you pay to visit the Coliseum, there often a free guided tour of the Palatine Hill or the Forum in the afternoon, very much worth it.

From the Coliseum, you can walk through the ruins of the Forum, which will lead you the Mussolini’s Palace.  An imposing marble building, built by, and for, the glory of the Duche!

Here, try to find the little walking streets which will lead you to the Trevi fountain, another baroque masterpiece, one of the most famous fountains in the world.  Close by, is the Pantheon, a marvel of engineering with its lightweight concrete dome and oculus, which lets in the light.

If you have the energy, it’s less than two kilometers the Vatican.  From there, a refreshing beverage at one of the various cafés and then hop on a bus which will bring you back to Termini in no time.

You don’t have to do all that the same day, although I’ve done it before if you only have a day (off a cruise ship for example), it’s the way to go.

More than once, I’ve wondered why it’s so cheap to fly to Las Vegas.  I’ve done this check often and I believe that these flights must be subsidized by the city, the casinos, or the airlines are losing money (ha-ha, just kidding).

For example, today I pick up my trusty I Pad, log onto my ITA Matrix App (I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming post) and I’m looking for a flight from Charlottetown, Canada (east coast, Prince Edward Island, Canada, my home, the nicest place in the world) to Las Vegas (sin city) for a little week of fun sometime in March while traveling.

The best fare is leaving (return, taxes included) for Charlottetown-Montreal-Vancouver-Las Vegas, with Air Canada and Delta, a total of 7584 miles return, all in the same day, no overnight, good flights.

Oddly enough, the return fare for Charlottetown-Montreal alone on the same plane with Air Canada returns.  More for a distance of 1026 miles!  It’s cheaper to jump ship in Montreal on a Vegas flight! (But seriously, don’t do that, you’ll get in trouble)

Let me check the temperature in Montreal today… 13 degrees Fahrenheit (-10C), not bad, a bit frisky… now let me check Las Vegas… 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16C, night time)…  Bingo! That’s 48 more degrees, for less money!!!

I’ve checked this often and there are often deals for Las Vegas.  I found something like that for Hawaii once and there must be other destinations being promoted.  If you find some, please leave a comment and let us know.

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