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What It Means to Be Carbon-Neutral


If 2020 has shown the world anything is that we should appreciate the time that we have left on this planet. Treat it as a gift, and do our best to live the best lives that we can. At the end of the day, there’s no telling what the next day will bring. The same idea should be applied to how we treat the Earth. The world in which we live is a treasure that should be cherished.

We’ve been given this huge, sprawling, diverse world to live in, and with each passing year, unfortunately, it’s being mistreated. One way that this is occurring is through the proliferation of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions throughout the world. Evidence that CO2 has contributed in a big way to global warming is plentiful. This increase in CO2 is responsible for approximately two-thirds of the Earth’s total energy inequity, which itself is causing our planet’s temperature to rise. One way to prevent this from happening is by creating a carbon-neutral environment. Below is an explanation of what it means to be carbon neutral.

What is carbon neutrality?


Being carbon neutral means that someone or something has a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Going further into this idea, with being carbon neutral the goal is that the sum of greenhouse gases any person, business, or just entity puts out into the atmosphere and takes in will balance out to zero. Your basic goal is to balance out the number of emissions the atmosphere could handle.

You want to take active steps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that you put out into the world. For instance, let’s say you take the time to compare electricity rates between different utility providers. You’re looking for an electric supplier or energy supplier who can provide you with the best electric service at the lowest price. Your goal is to find an electric service that benefits you in the long run. The same goes for promoting your carbon neutrality. At the end of the day, when you stay carbon neutral, you are providing yourself with a service that will benefit you in the long run.

Why do we need to be carbon neutral?

To prevent any further climate change, we have to become carbon neutral. Humanity as a whole can overload our atmosphere with bad chemicals. When this happens our air continues to heat up. As with most things when it comes to damaging the environment, humans are the cause of such damage to the environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single person, or a larger entity (businesses, governments, etc). We all, unfortunately, are playing an active part in the damage to this world.

Taking certain steps like looking into renewable energy, green energy sources, and also becoming carbon neutral can go a long way with helping our planet to survive. The good thing is that people are understanding that we need to practice carbon neutrality in order to survive in today’s world. A host of countries including the United Kingdom, Japan, and the Republic of Korea along with 110 other countries, have pledged carbon neutrality by 2050.

How can you become carbon neutral?


It’s not extremely difficult to become a carbon-neutral individual. One of the ways that you can do this is by changing the way that you travel. Vehicles and transportation contribute a lot to our carbon footprint. You can help to reduce your carbon footprint by driving less, utilizing electric cars, or walking more. Another way to lessen your carbon stamp is to eat less meat. When you eat less meat you are lessening the environmental damage which you cause to land, water, and feed that is needed to maintain livestock.

The lower on the food chain that you eat (vegetables, fruits, grains, greens), is a great way to stay carbon neutral. Also, watch how much water you use. Whether it’s using a dishwasher, a shower, or even watering your outdoor plants make sure to balance out how much water you’re utilizing during your daily use. Also look into trying to using alternate forms of energy, including green energy, or even renewable energy. Taking these steps can help you go get that much closer to being carbon neutral.

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