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You Should Beware of the Cruise Ship Illness


Every year hundreds of people get sick on cruise ships. The cruise ship illness that scares most people is the one associated with the Norwalk virus.


Because the Norwalk virus causes diarrhea and vomiting for about 2 to 3 days, not a fun-filled experience

What you need to know about this illness is that it also occurs on land. Actually about 23 million Americans are affected by a Norwalk type virus every year. Norwalk type illnesses are reportedly only second to the common cold.

The reason you hear about it on the cruise ships is that the cruise lines have to report an outbreak if more than 3% of the passengers become affected. And, of course, when they do, it makes news.

You can get the Norwalk virus from hand to mouth activity or from contaminated food.

As you probably know, the cruise lines are doing everything to make sure their food is not contaminated and their passengers don’t get sick. Sick passengers and bad news will kill their business.

So you don’t have to worry about the food. That’s pretty much handled. However, you do have to worry about getting infected from already sick or infected passengers.

See, if an infected passenger touches a handrail, for instance, and you touch it afterward, you are now potentially infected. If you then touch your mouth or eat hand-held food before washing your hand, you’ll then actually get infected.

Any surface other people touch can be an infection source for you.

This does not only apply on cruise ships but back home on land in any public place. Door handles, elevator buttons, chairs, tables, handshakes, etc., all can be sources of infection. So before you touch food or your mouth, always wash your hands.

It can be tough following this rule on a cruise ship where there is so much activity going on and you may not always be close to a sink and soap. So one thing you can do is always carry a small bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer with you. Use it before touching any food or your mouth. Cruise ship travel is the best way to enjoy your life travel and you will never forget cruise ship travel on your whole.

If you follow this rule of always washing or sanitizing your hands before touching food or your mouth, you should avoid getting ill.

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