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Harbor Sailing Tours

Take a tour around the largest man-made marina in the world. Marina del Rey is home port to over 6,000 private yachts, many owned by famous celebrities. See Fisherman’s Village and the fine restaurants from a sailboat’s perspective.

Harbor seals are always seen swimming near the live bait depot. Pelicans also make this their favorite hangout. Ubiquitous seagulls are observed swarming around the fishing boats. These tours are perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries – you name it.

Day Sailing

Soak up the warm California sunshine and work on that tan while the spray hits your face on a delightful sailboat ride. See pelicans diving after fish. California sea lions and harbor seals are always seen basking in the sun on buoys in Santa Monica Bay. Watch dolphins swimming and leaping in the bow wave. You can almost reach down and pet them.

Take in all these sights while making 7 knots under full sail! The Nirvana has a wonderful easy motion at sea. It is truly smooth sailing at its finest. If you desire, sailing instructions are offered. You may also take a trick at the helm and help trim the sails.

Sunset Dinner Cruises

Guests may have dinner aboard the Nirvana while taking in the sights of Marina del Rey on a harbor tour or while enjoying a sunset sail on Santa Monica Bay. Guests are welcome to bring the entire food and drinks desirable, Ice, cooler, microwave, plates, glasses, napkins, etc. are standard.

Moonlight Sails

Few things are more romantic than watching the moon shimmer on the water while silently making way under sail. Seeing the stars at sea and all the city lights surrounding Santa Monica Bay is delightful. If you’re lucky, glowing green phosphorescence can be seen stirred up by the marine life. Captain Larry lives at the marina and can take folks out whenever the moon is up and a little breeze is blowing at a moment’s notice.

Whale Watching

“Thar she blows!” Watch California Grey whales during their annual migration to Mexico. Pods of Greys are sighted off the coast of California from January through the end of March. Reaching lengths of 60 feet, these animals are truly awesome. Blue whales, the largest animal that ever lived on Earth, are non-migratory and can be seen in Santa Monica Bay year-round.

Deep-Sea Fishing

“I got one!” Deep-sea fishing is yet another sport enjoyed on a sailboat. Sailboats move at the perfect trolling speed; just drag a tasty-looking lure behind the boat while underway and see what bites.

Multi-Day Island Adventures

Relax and thoroughly enjoy a two-, three-, or four-day adventure to one of California’s Channel Islands. All meals are included and guests may sleep on the boat, camp on the island (where permitted), or stay in a lodge or hotel (where available).

While visiting one of the islands, you might want to get a better view from the top. All of the Channel Islands have hiking trails for exploring. Tours by the park ranger are offered at some of the islands. Camping is allowed with reservations at some of the islands. Of course, you may dive off the boat and have an invigorating swim in clear blue water.

Snorkeling is also enjoyed on the multi-day trips to Santa Catalina Island or any of the other Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. Explore kelp forests and search for abalone and lobsters.

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